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JLabs Event: Got a Plan?... Your Guide to Filing a Large or Small Molecule IND

  • September 02, 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 12:10 PM
  • Webinar

Do you have a solid plan to achieve IND acceptance? Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS and Janssen R&D invite you to an in-depth look into the process of filing an IND. Whether your goal is to develop a pipeline through commercial launch or partner as early as possible, submitting an IND is a critical early milestone for every biotech company. With big Pharma and VC firms competing for the most promising solutions, it can be helpful to demonstrate a clear strategy for IND approval, hear the experts weigh in.

Join us for a series of short presentations exploring the basic requirements and considerations that can be helpful for preparing a biologic and small molecule IND submission.

The presentations will highlight the following:

  • Janssen Research & Development - your partner of choice
  • Key CMC strategies to First-in-Human aimed to help set you up for commercial success
  • Non-clinical safety assessment strategies for biologics and small molecules
  • Designing First-in-Human trials to explore the qualities of your molecule
  • Regulatory strategy, IND requirements, and Pre-IND meetings



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