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Charter Membership: 

As a Founding Charter Member, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of life science innovation in Canada and beyond. Your invaluable support will enable CELS to fulfill its mission of facilitating access to global capital and business opportunities, propelling Canadian startups to scale new heights in the world of life sciences.

As a part of this select group of executives and influencers, you will be at the forefront of cutting-edge Canadian Life Sciences developments, receiving early insights into emerging trends, and furthering connections with industry leaders, successful founders, and venture capitalists.

Being a Founding Charter Member signifies your commitment to driving innovation, growth, and success for Canadian life science startups. Your support will directly contribute to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial landscape in Canada, positioning the nation as a powerhouse of life science breakthroughs.

Charter Membership Benefits:

  • Industry Executive Peer Network Access
  • Annual Charter Member Dinner & Other Exclusive CELS Events
  • Access to Curated Early-Stage Deal Flows
  • Speaking, Mentoring, & Executive Level, Canadian Life-Science Networking Opportunities

Apply for Individual member HERE.

Corporate Membership: 

Corporate Membership includes individual memberships for up to 5 employees with full CELS benefits & privileges.

Corporate Membership is $1500 per year.

Apply for Corporate Membership HERE.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Multiple options are available for corporate sponsorship including unlimited individual memberships,, listing on our website Sponsor Page, special event sponsorship and event recognition.

Indicate your interest in being a Corporate Sponsor during the application process.

Individual Membership: 

Take full advantage of CELS membership privileges such as access to our Member Directory, Bay Area Forums, COHORT Program, Meet-Ups, and Online Chat Boards with questions answered by seasoned industry executives.

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Want to be more involved and enrich the CELS Community?

Become a Mentor

CELS  is looking for accomplished Bay Area Life Science professionals to support the CELS-SFO Mission by helping Canadian entrepreneurs achieve their innovation objectives within the Bay Area. Mentors play a critical role in the CELS community by actively participating in online Discussions and sharing their knowledge and experience.

Active Mentors are selected for participation in the COHORT programs, working directly with Canadian Life Science companies achieve their goals. 

Become a Volunteer

CELS is an all volunteer organization relying on its members to keep the all aspects of the organization vibrant and functional.  We will gladly accept help from all skill sets including events, website, social media, administration, networking and more.  

Indicate your interest in being a Mentor or Volunteer during the application process.

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