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canadian entrepreneurs

in life science

Hyivy Health

Intelligent and holistic pelvic rehabilitation for women.

TATUM bioscience

Multipronged Immunotherapy for Oncology.


AI-driven virtual solutions to scale therapy and accelerate wellness results.

Awake AI

AI-driven solution that enables real-time information flow from the living-alone seniors to their family members.

Momentum Health

Digital health platform for remote 3D Management of Scoliosis & Other Deformities.

Fe Pharmaceuticals

Treating diseases where iron is at the core.

Kent Imaging

Near-infrared, reflectance-based imaging technology, is transforming healthcare with its revolutionary light-based innovations.

Cosm Medical

Development and commercialization of the science of personalized therapies for pelvic floor disorders.

Health Gauge

Powered by artificial intelligence to analyze your health information with higher accuracy than other trackers.


Collaborative applications for physicians that make their lives easier.

HTuO Biosciences

Designing drugs faster & more efficiently.


Streamling wound care using bioabsorbable, liquid to solid biomaterials.

TheraVac Bio

Vaccines and immunotherapies for diseases caused by misfolded protein aggregates and/or chronic inflammation.

VoxCell BioInnovation

Vascularized Cancer Tissue Models.


Developing revolutionary biomaterials for regenerative medicine.

PROVA Innovations

Developing smart, at-home wearable therapeutic devices to aid children and adults with mobility restrictions.

Fusion Genomics

ONETest for ONE World, a unified single diagnostic test for all known and novel infections


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