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CENE 2nd Annual Canadian Innovation A to Z - Virtual Event

December 08, 2021 12:30 PM | Richard Ayllon (Administrator)

Wednesday December 08 / 3:30 - 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

From CELS East Coast ally: CENE

Come meet the 11 exciting Canadian companies who are ready to celebrate their graduation from the Boston CTA 2021 program with lots of great innovation revolutionizing the world of healthcare, fintech and cybersecurity, sportstech, robotics, and many others. Let’s meet the entrepreneurs, have fun, and raise a glass to Canada!

Free, Virtual Event

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Featured Companies:

  1. Advanced Intelligent Systems– Zero-emission autonomous robotic vehicles for agriculture and healthcare
  2. Affinite Instruments– Novel immunoassay therapy for diagnostics and bioproduction
  3. Axolotl Biosciences– Reagents, tissue models, and consulting services for 3D bioprinting
  4. FactR– Enterprise transaction management platform, built on Smart Contracts for accuracy and security
  5. Fluid Biotech– Flow-diverting dissolvable stent for brain aneurysms
  6. IPtoki– Digital identity validation using behavioral biometrics, AI and blockchain
  7. LynX Inspection– Industrial inspection solutions based on a novel 3D radiographic method
  8. OPTT– Digital mental health providing validated digital care plans to healthcare organizations
  9. Pegasus Imagery– Unmanned aircraft / sensor systems for autonomous data collection at scale
  10. Xesto– Computer vision AI, at home sizing tool for feet, hands, faces



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